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Hello and welcome to Sweet T Farm! My name is Ashley Thompson and my husband is Travis Thompson, we have three girls named Madelyn, Olivia, and Hazel. Travis and I own and operate a chicken farm (I'm not talking about your Grandma's yard chickens either, we raise about 100,000 chickens at a time!) right outside the city of Pine Bluff, AR and Travis is also a pastor in Altheimer (give a shout out if you know where that's at!).

We moved here from the outskirts of Chicago about 8+ years ago and never looked back. I did not know ANYTHING about homesteading (still probably don’t). I’d never planted anything other than flowers my mom gave me (terrible I know). However, now I raise hundreds of pumpkins and gourds, lots blueberries, a few vegetables, and even started a hydroponics system (deep breath). All this is great but my main focus is on our animals. We have two useless rabbits, useless because they are pets and not for meat, however, my parents raise amazing meats rabbits if you're interested. We also have a potbelly pig (aka garbage disposal) we named piglet when she could fit in my hand but now weighs upwards of 150 pounds, along with hogs we raise for meat (and lard), 4 dogs, a snobby cat, fish of course but are they really animals anyway, had a donkey but died at about 27 or 30 years old, and of course last but not least we have a handful of goats.

Check out all these beauties!Useless rabbitOlivia and MeowzersMadelyn feeding PepperHydroponics tomatoesDon't let her cute face trick you, she is mean.Hogs

When we first moved from IL the only thing I wanted were goats and my master plan was to milk them. After some research and a few failed attempts of different breeds I finally decided to invest in Nubian goats (oh those floppy ears!) and I haven’t looked back since. They produce the highest amount of milk fat that not only taste amazing but is also moisturizing when used in soaps and lotion. The benefits of goat milk are just about endless.

If your still reading, thanks for sticking in there! I hope you will enjoy my blog, my website, and my products. Remember I'm here to help in any way possible. My goal is to bring you natural high quality products from our farm to your family.

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